These are some of our customer's opinion about their finished pictures.

I am thrilled with what Bouchards did with an old tattered photo of my grandmother. It was the only one we had of her and we thought there was no hope of restoring it what a wonderful job they did ... just beautiful.
Diane Thomas

Did an excellent job. My grand mother’s picture wich was any 3x5 enlarged came out excellent.
Thank you very much for the excellent work.

K. S. Nagesh


I had a photo of my mother very damaged and wet from fire, I went to several places and they could not do it. A friend recommended Bouchard's and they did an excellent work, I will cherish this photo forever and  I will pass it to my children.

Davis Smith

For many years I have wanted to fix the photo of my parents wedding but did not know if it was possible, Bouchards exceeded my expectations and have preserved the memory of my parents wedding for our family and generations to come. This will be a wonderful present to my parents for their 50th anniversary.

Brian Riedel

We had photos from 1870-1910 that were passed down to us. These were in very poor conditions.
We were given Bouchard’s Photo Restoration phone number and were told by our genealogy society she was very good .
We met with Mercedes and were so pleased with her presentation we had her redo our pictures and were so extremely pleased. She brought to life our grandparents and great-great  grandparents.
Thank you so much Bouchard we will be eternally grateful.

Joe & Alice Stephens

Beautiful work!, very high quality!. Our family is so pleased with the restored pictures of our family members, they are indeed heirlooms.

Carolyn Morris

Bouchard's did a beautiful job of restoring and making a picture of Dad from his 1934 Yearbook.
Mrs. J. E. Fleeger

Bouchard's did an absolutely fabulous job of restoring an enhancing some very old family photos. Their work exceeded my expectations and created some valuable family heirlooms. Thank you!!

John Turner


The photo I brought in was so faded I thought nothing could help but you were able to bring it back. I am very pleased with the work you did.

Priscilla Leddy

It means so much to us to have 'saved' our photo. Without Bouchard's Restoration a piece of history would be lost.

Bouchard's did a fantastic job on an old family photo from early 1900's that we found in the attic of our old farm house.

Laurie Dundrea


I bought a picture of my mother and I to Ms Bouchard and they truly exceeded my expectations. My mother passed away two years ago  and it has been hand on me. I will cherish this memory forever. Thank you Ms Bouchard.

Shawntae Austin